Monday, April 12, 2010

DBS, POSB now have iPhone app

If you bank with DBS/POSB, you'll be happy to know that the bank finally has apps that allows you to bank online, and pretty nice apps at that. With DBS mBanking and POSB mBanking, you can now check your balance, pay bills and transfer money with ease.

I used the DBS mBanking app briefly and I walked away impressed. Your options are logically laid out, it is easy to access the different services and it flies. I transferred some money and the process was clear, straightforward and painless.

I've criticised DBS in the past for being slow to jump on the smartphone bandwagon. It was only a few weeks ago that the site itself finally became accessible to iPhone users when DBS removed the Java applet that was used to handle passwords. However, while it's possible to use the existing DBS Internet Banking website to do transactions on your iPhone, the site has not been optimised for the small screen. These iPhone apps take care of this problem nicely. Kudos to DBS for delivering a well thought-out app that is a joy to use (or rather, as much joy as any app can deliver when it helps you pay bills).

Tip of the hat to iMerlion readers Veron Ang and Varun for spotting these apps in the App Store!

(Note 1: If DBS would actually like people to use these apps, perhaps they should make them easier to locate in the App Store. These apps don't pop up when you search for Singapore-related apps.)

(Note 2: I was going to do screenshots showing how easy it is to use, but I realised that not only would I be revealing my numerous sensitive details, I would also be demonstrating quite how little money I have. You're going to have to take it from me that this app is really nicely put together).



yjsoon said...

Finally! There are some very curious UI choices (e.g. try transferring money and toggling "immediate transfer" and "future transfer"), but I'm just glad the app even exists.

Robinson said...

Just realized a hardware Token Key is needed after downloaded the application- what a stupid arrangement comparing with other Bank's secure online banking methods!!! This defeat the purpose of mobile banking as pointed out by others!!!!

Dallas said...

I like the app alot too! Has most of the commonly used functions in the app.

Psst! You could censor your balance! =)