Knowing the Fascinating History about Talc Alf (South Australia)

Located at 606 KM north from the city of Adelaide, Lyndhurst could be one of the best weekend getaways for the travel enthusiasts, especially or those who seek offbeat places of traveling. There are many places for traveling in South Australia, but this place has gained popularity as well as significance as a place to visit for many reasons. Being famous as well as infamous for a lot of historic events, Lyndhurst offers a glimpse of a dead, dry and barren town at the first look to the visitors. But, you shall certainly fall into love with this apparently dead city when you will know the history as well as background of this place.

Talc Alf – The Prime Attraction

People mainly visit Lyndhurst to revisit history. The town has a railway station, which is of course not operated anymore. Still this rail station grabs all the attention of the people who visit to this place. Standing with the memorabilia of past, this railway station gives fascinating vintage charms. Apart from this railway station, a lot of other things are definitely there to be explored. Being a historic city and also a dead city, it is surrounded with facts, stories and rumors. Among all these things, Talc Alf, a well known architect and sculpture artist, is another prime attractive of the city.

So, who is Talc Alf, and why travelers want to meet this man? He is basically a sculpture artist, who has an art gallery in this city. Notable thing is that he is not Australian by birth. He is basically a Dutch artist, who actually migrated to Lyndhurst of Australia long ago. He settled in this town and got married too. Then, a lot of time has escaped. Today, Lyndhurst is not the place which it used to be at the time when Talc Alf migrated to this place. A busy city or town of that time has turned into a barren town, having memorabilia of past in offering.

The Art Gallery of Talc Alf

Real talent of Talc Alf can be understood when you shall visit his works. His work of stone carving is fascinating. It can take a whole day for a true art enthusiast to explore his works. The carvings are unique and they represent cultural significance of various era of the Lyndhurst town. However, his works not just related to Lyndhurst. There could be sculptures on different things can be found and all of them are fascinating indeed.

Knowing More about Talc Alf

There are many other things that one should know about talc Alf. When it comes to exploring the history about Talc Alf (South Australia), you should know the thing that he is one of those notable personalities who supported new flag for Australia. He has also proposed theory of origination of English alphabets. For example, he says that the alphabet ‘A’ signifies a man. Similarly, B signifies a woman. On the other hand, C is a half circle which looks like womb of women. Thus, C stands for children. Such interesting explanations can be found for all other alphabets.