Reader Deals

We frequently get approached by companies who want to reach readers of this blog. If we decide that the products are of real value to our readers, we will work with these companies to get our readers a special deal. As a result, iMerlion readers enjoy lower prices while iMerlion itself get a commission from each sale. The proceeds from these are immediately spent on our chronic app habit.

Save $50 when you sign up for training courses with DivZero

DivZero Consultancy is a company that provides training on developing for the iPhone. DivZero offers a one-day course on programming with GameSalad that will teach you how to create simple iPhone and iPad apps in just one day.

If you sign up for the course with DivZero, you will get $50 discount on the course fees if you use the promo code Ze3CIT. iMerlion gets a cut from every sign-up. Click here to read our previous coverage on DivZero.