Thursday, June 14, 2012

Siri speaks Mandarin, now knows what's around you in SG

I use Siri to check my appointments and for cooking all the time (I use it for the timer).

However, my use of Siri has been limited because outside the US, it does not know what business are around you. Thankfully, iOS 6 will change all that. Siri now has a directory of businesses outside the US and you can ask it for the nearest school, hospital or restaurant.

Developers like Lim Thye Chean who have played with Siri say it definitely works for Singapore.

In addition, Siri now handles Mandarin so you ask questions in Mandarin. You can also do dictation in Mandarin too and Siri will transcribe your speech. Thye Chean says the Chinese accuracy for him is in the range of 90 percent. Pretty cool.

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il said...

Can u show us some examples of how Siri works in SG? After all, Siri's 15 supported countries do not include SG.

Jimmy Yap said...

I think you need to make a distinction between languages and country support for Siri and directory listings.

Siri is supported in various languages, English, French, Mandarin etc, and in variations spoken in different countries (UK, US for English, Taiwan and China for Mandarin.)

That is limited. However, directory listings and POI is a separate issue and Maps in iOS6 definitely has POI for SG.


davidlowjw said...

It works ;)