Thursday, June 14, 2012

No 3D maps for Singapore in iOS 6

When Scott Forstall unveiled the flyover feature in Maps, developers in the audience cheered, and no wonder. Fly over a city and you see all the buildings rendered in stunning 3D. You can change the angle or move around and your iOS device immediately renders a new view on the fly.

Not, however, if you are in Singapore. Unfortunately, the current implementation of Maps in OS 6 doesn't have the 3D view of Singapore. This, instead, is what you see (thanks to Vishnu Prem aka @burnflare).

The red pin is on the Esplanade Mall.

Nice, eh? In contrast, this is what Sydney looks like (don't weep).

Sydney in 3D

And here's San Francisco:
Embarcadero Centre at the bottom of the picture.

Hopefully, Singapore will get the 3D view soon. Though given Singapore's famously paranoid security mindset, it might be a while before Apple is given the permission to fly a plane over Singapore taking pictures.

Can't you see the Esplanade rendered in 3D like this?

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