Thursday, June 28, 2012

The movie selection in the iTunes Singapore store is laughable

There's really only one way to describe the movie selection on the iTunes Singapore store -- abysmal.

I was looking for a movie to rent so that I could check out the whole iTunes experience. I combed through the iTunes store looking for something that wasn't lame and couldn't. So I decided to dig deeper and compare the selection with that of the US iTunes store.

I discovered that the Singapore store is significantly smaller than the US store. Some obvious names are missing (no James Cameron or Woody Allen), some obvious movies are also missing (Up, Wall-E) and many well-known actors are deeply under-represented (There are 38 movies with Robert Downey Jr in the US store. In Singapore, a grand total of one.)

You know what it reminded me of? The movie selection on the nicer buses up to KL that give you a choice of movies to watch on the back of the screen in front of you.

Here's what I've found:

These directors are not in the Singapore iTunes store (number in brackets is the figure for the US iTunes store)

- James Cameron (vs 16)
- Woody Allen (vs 14)
- David Lynch (vs 5)
- Alfred Hitchcock (vs 28)
- Akira Kurosawa (vs 5)
- Orson Welles (vs 5)
- Wes Anderson (vs 3)

These movies are not in the iTunes store

- Up
- Wall-E
- Toy Story (all 3)
- The Incredibles
- Cars, though Cars 2 is available
- Ratatouille

These folks are barely in the iTunes store

- 3 Michael Bays (vs 14)
- 2 Steven Spielbergs (his immortal Memoirs of a Geisha and Hook) (vs 20)
- 2 Nora Ephon movies (Julie & Julia and Bewitched) (vs 9)
- 1 Ridley Scott movie (Black Hawk Down) (vs 28)
- 2 movies with Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia and Kramer vs Kramer) (vs 35)
- 3 movies with Johnny Depp (two of them being Pirates of the Caribbean and a sequel) (vs 42)
- 2 movies with Matt Damon (including Happy Feet 2) (vs 32)
- 3 movies with Tom Cruise (vs 24)
- 0 movies with Channing Tatum (vs 14)
- 2 movies with Halle Berry (vs 23)
- 1 movie with Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes) (vs 38)
- 1 movie with Scarlett Johansson (the award winning We Bought a Zoo) (vs 26)
- 1 movie with Charlize Theron (vs 18)
- 1 movie with Richard Gere (vs 37)
- 7 movies with Julia Roberts (vs 40)
- 6 movies with Kirsten Dunst, three of them Spiderman related (vs 23)
- 5 movies with Tom Hanks (vs 33)
- 1 movie with George Clooney (vs 27)

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