Thursday, October 13, 2011

You can now upgrade to iOS 5

Apple has finally released iOS 5 and you can now download it from Apple's servers. However, you'll need to upgrade your iTunes to version 10.5 first though.

By and large, the upgrade seems to be trouble free but there are reports of users who are experiencing problems.

Once you've updated your phone, check out Macworld's always excellent coverage. They have a review of iOS 5, and a close look at notifications in iOS 5, iMessage and iCloud.

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Charles said...

Anyone got their iCloud mail working correctly? Mine always gives me "Cannot get mail: the user name or password for iCloud is incorrect" error.

Marty said...

i get the same thing, so i go to settings and change the password to the correct one, then next time it checks mail i get the error again and go into settings and the password is not the same (well it has less dots so i assume its changed back to the wrong one, whatever it was)