Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will Siri be offered in Singapore?


Apple's iPhone 4 page in Singapore

Could Apple be leaving Siri out of the iPhone 4S for the Singapore market? While it sounds unlikely, there are ominous signs that point in that direction.

Hawkeyed iMerlion readers have noticed that Apple's Singapore page for the iPhone 4S currently makes no mention of Siri at all. The page leads off with the dual-core A5 chip instead. In contrast, the equivalent US page leads off with Siri, which is then followed up with the dual-core A5 chip.

Apple's iPhone 4 page in the US

This, of course, does not necessarily mean that Apple will leave out Siri in Singapore. Apple has, in the past, been selective about which features they highlight in different markets.

The good news is that the Apple press release that is datelined Singapore and that has the Singapore prices for the iPhone 4 and 3GS does definitely mention Siri.

However, it is very odd that the chief highlight of the iPhone 4S should be left out of Apple's Singapore web page. We have reached out to Apple and will update this story when we have more. However, our guess is that given that voice recognition will be language, accent and grammar specific, Apple may not want  to promise that the request: "Eh, now what time ah?" or "Now got rain or not?", delivered in Singlish, will necessarily be understood by Siri.

Siri received a lot of attention during the demonstration earlier today at Apple's campus in Cupertino during the announcement of the iPhone 4S. Siri is a personal assistant on the iPhone 4S that will decode ordinary spoken commands and fix appointments, add alarms and reminders and help you respond to text messages.

(Hat tip to YJ Soon and Brandon)

Update: According to an Apple spokesman, Siri will ship in countries that the iPhone 4S will ship to.

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Brandon said...

Ah, that's good news. I was wondering how they might restrict it and my best guess was Apple Store IDs. Thanks!