Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Siri will come to Singapore says Apple

Apple has confirmed that Siri, its intelligent personal assistant, will be made available in Singapore.

In response to a press query from iMerlion, an Apple spokesman said: "Siri is a Beta product that is shipping in the countries that iPhone 4S is shipping."

Earlier, questions were raised about whether Siri would be made available in Singapore after it was revealed that Apple's Singapore webpage for the iPhone 4S did not mention Siri at all. In contrast, the US webpage gives Siri considerable prominence.

Siri uses Apple's A5 processor on the iPhone 4S to process instructions or requests made using natural language. Among other things, it can tell you the weather, check your calendar, schedule a meeting, search Wikipedia or define words.

Siri now works with French, German and the US, UK and Australian versions of English. More languages and functionality will be added later.

It is not known why Apple would chose to omit mentioning Siri on the Singapore page. However, given that Siri only works with specific languages and accents, it seems likely that Apple does not want to promise that the Singapore variant of English will work with Siri. Apart from accent, Singlish also uses a different grammatical structure from standard English which might hamper recognition.

You can see how Siri works in this Apple video on YouTube.

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