Monday, September 5, 2011

ST's subscription plan means paying more for less

Newspaper companies love to give out dead trees. For evidence, check out the Straits Times. Even though the paper now has a pretty good iPhone and iPad app, ST still really, really wants to put the dead tree version into the hands of readers.

Based on its recently announced subscription plan, it is now cheaper to subscribe to the newspaper and the digital editions together than it is to subscribe to the digital editions alone. If you only want to get the iPhone, iPad and web editions, and you don't want the physical newspaper, you will have to pay $6 more a month.

This is how it works out -- pay S$319.60 a year to get the physical newspaper daily, and access to the full stories via the web, the iPhone app and the iPad app. This works out to S$26.65 a month. Throw in a monthly delivery fee of $2 if you live in an HDB flat and the total comes up to S$28.65 a month.

If you go the digital-only route, you will have to fork out US$27.99 (about S$35) a month (or you can pay US$7.99 a week).

Why is ST pushing the dead tree version? Because it makes more money from print advertising but it can only do so if it can show a big enough pool of readers.

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il said...

As usual, SPH don't understand the Internet.

Decouple content from infrastructure/delivery!

SPH has content but knows nuts about delivery. SBS has data about its bus lines but knows nuts about delivery of this data.

Gremlin said...

Maybe the 'Apple tax' also comes into play? I really don't want the dead tree versions!

PC Tan said...

I enjoyed the ST digital iPAD app a lot, and was looking forward to subscribe when the free trial is over. While the iPAD app is a fantastic product, their business model is so pre-internet era, and revealed that ST does not understand internet users. People usually wants either paper *or* digital newspaper, not both. If someone buy both, then I think it's usually to share their subscription among friends.

ST, please review!
We should petition!

iPhone News said...

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