Friday, September 23, 2011

Popcorn movie app blows away the competition

There is no shortage of apps in the App Store to look up movie times, but none of them have been very good. Until now that is.

A new free app, Popcorn, has just been launched that blows the competition out of the water.

Popcorn look cleanly designed, loads quickly and makes it very easy to look up screening times, and to book or reserve tickets.

Unlike other apps which tend to be a thin app front-end over a slow web database, Popcorn is fast, stable and responsive.

Launch the app and (after the database loads), you can immediately look up movies or cinemas or even drill down to a specific movie at a specific cinema.

If you prefer to browse, you can scroll through a list of movies, get its Rotten Tomatoes rating and a short writeup of the movie. The app also links directly to the movie's trailer on YouTube.

What's the best thing one can say about this app? It just works. If you watch movies regularly, forget the other apps. Popcorn is the only app you'll need.

(Note: The developer is also running a contest and giving away free movie tickets. There are 10 pairs to be given away. To take part, click on the More tab. And if you type in iMerlion as your promo code, you get triple the chances of winning.)

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