Saturday, August 13, 2011

Local food blogger takes GarageBand for iPad, stirs in some effort and voila! An album on iTunes.

Apple's says GarageBand for iPad is easy to use. Here's proof: a local food blogger learned to use GarageBand and three weeks later, produced an album that he is now selling on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.

The blogger is Ian Low, 42, and his album is Silverfish. The album merges his love for food with music and has tracks with titles such as "Ribeye", "Chendol", "Lemongrass", "Sauvignon", "Sashimi" and "Abalone".

What is remarkable is how quickly he was able to put the tracks together. Said Ian: "I only learnt GarageBand about three weeks before I wrote and recorded Silverfish. In fact, as a warm up, I actually recorded an album's worth of Chinese pop song covers with vocals, but this was not released due to copyright reasons."

According to Ian, the best thing about using the iPad is the ability to compose and record on the go. The track "Chendol" took just two hours to complete from start to finish, he said, and he did it at local cafe Toast Box "while waiting for my wife to finish her work".

Ian said each track reflects the food named in the track. For example, "Sauvignon" is "supposed to evoke a smooth, jazzy atmosphere", he said, while "Sashimi" fuses "traditional Japanese-like melody with a modern funky twist and bass line."

The album has been on sale online since July and since then, he has already re-mixed four tracks.

Producing an album of any sort requires a musical background, which Ian has of course. Said Ian: "I studied the Electone when I was six-years old for about four years before taking a Yamaha course in music arrangement when I was 16 for another year."

Naturally, he has plans to record more music. "I am already planning a follow-up album but am working to collaborate to include some traditional Chinese musical instruments through a live recording using only the iPad."

For more on how he recorded his album, check out his post on Technorati here. You can also read the post on his blog The Silver Chef.

For a taste of his music (pun intended), check out the music videos of his songs "Jasmine" and "Chendol" on YouTube.

If you are in Singapore and you don't have a US iTunes account, you can buy Silverfish on Amazon and CDBaby.

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