Thursday, June 9, 2011

EpiCentre launches insurance policy for Macs and iPads

EpiCentre has just launches EpiGuard, an insurance policy for Macs and iPads. We'll try to get more details later but this is what we have so far from their press release:

EpiGuard is an exclusive insurance policy available only for customers of EpiCenter. It gives customers the protection needed when they purchase Apple products from EpiCentre. EpiGuard protects customers’ Apple products from Theft, Accidental Damage, Fire Damage and even Liquid Spillage. Special opening price $99 (usual price $129)

1. What are the coverages of this plan?
This is an insurance plan covering for loss due to theft and robbery, as well as accidental damage including liquid spillage.

2. What is NOT covered under this policy?
a) Acts of negligence
b) War, nuclear/radioactive contamination and terrorism
c) Loss or damage due to:
Wear and tear
Atmospheric conditions
Dishonest acts by insured
Faulty design
Unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance
Consequential loss of any kind
Penalties and fines
Loss or damage caused during any repairs, servicing or maintenance

3. What is an Excess?
An excess is the first amount the insured is required to bear in the event of a claim being filed. The insured is required to pay an excess of $200 for repair cost of the laptop for each and every claim made .The insurer will pay the balance cost of the repair. For example, the repair cost of a MacBook that has been damaged is $1,000 repair. The insured will bear the first $200 of the repair cost, while the insurer will pay the remaining $800 on a reimbursement basis.

4. What is Co-Insurance?
Co-insurance is applicable only when there is a total loss claim made on the laptop. Co-Insurance refers to the claim amount shared between the insurer and the insured.

5. How does co-insurance work?
In the event of a total loss incident, the policy covers for replacement cost less co-insurance or excess amount (whichever is higher). For Example, the replacement cost of a MacBook is $2,200. insured will pay the higher of column (a) or column (b). The insurer will cover the remaining cost for replacing the Apple product.

6. What is Replacement cost?
Replacement cost refers to the cost of replacing the lost Apple product with the closest available unit (but not better) in terms of functions, capacity and output.

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