Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DL apps for the week: SingaporeTaxi; St James; DBSV mTrading; The Heist

Apps mentioned in today's Digital Life:

SingaporeTaxi (free). On more than one occasion, I've ended up paying much, much more than expected at the end of a taxi ride because of Singapore's baroque taxi fare system. There are, for example, surcharges on public holidays, on taking the taxi in the CBD during peak hours, on taking the taxi after midnight and on taking a taxi from Changi Airport. Use this location-aware app, to find out what surcharges you're liable for before you get in the taxi queue.

St James (free). If you regularly spend your weekend clubbing at St James Power Station, this app is for you. Get the latest promotions, sign up for exclusive deals and redeem reward points with this app.

DBSV mTrading (free). DBS Vickers has finally released an iPhone app to allow you to trade stocks on your iPhone with your DBS Vickers account.

The Heist (US$0.99). There are 60 puzzles to solve, and they are plenty fiendish. Great fun to play while you're riding home on the MRT.

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