Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DL apps for the week: Fotobook App; ZombieBooth; VocalZap

In this week's Digital Life, I featured the following apps:

Fotobook App (on sale for US$0.99). This neat little app edits your Facebook timeline so you only see pictures that your friends share. The big plus? No more Farmville updates. You can save the photos to your Photo app, or email it on to other people. A neat app by local developer Anideo.

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier (US$0.99). Prepare for the zombie apocalypse by downloading this app. Just take a picture of your face and the app will turn it into a snarling, decomposing zombie that lunges at you when you touch the screen. Shake the iPhone to get a different effect. (Note: not suitable for little kids. The effects can be quite scary).

VocalZap (free). You know the problem with Ella Fitzgerald's version of Misty? It's Ella Fitzgerald. Naturally, you can do a much better job. With VocalZap, you have that chance. VocalZap will silence the vocals in a song so that you can sing along with the instruments, without that annoying lead singer getting in the way. A great way to prepare for American Idol auditions.

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