Thursday, May 5, 2011

Singapore GE passions spills over into App Store reviews

Tensions between pro- and anti-PAP groups have spilled into the Apple App Store with the reviews section of the app, The Online Citizen, becoming a forum for debate.

Argument has broken out over whether the news coverage in this app can be considered "unbiased" as the app's description claims. While many users are lauding the app for its coverage, a minority are describing it as "one sided crap". One reader called it "propaganda for the opposition" and said: "Why not rename this app as the opposition's official app?"

However, countering this are people who are defending the app and its election coverage. "This is unbiased, it's just that the news from the mainstream media have all the truth distorted," retorted a  reviewer.

Overall though, the app has gotten high marks. It has an average grade of 4 stars based on 90 ratings. Of the 90 people who rated the app, 62 people gave it 5 stars.

The other election app, SG Election, has not fared so well. The app, which pulls together election coverage from The Straits Times,  currently has an average rating of 1.5 stars based on votes by 216 users. Of these, 166 users have given the app just one star.

Most of the complaints appear to be directed at the content in the app. One of the more polite comments was "This is biased app. Singaporeans deserves something better." A less polite comment described the app as "Useless, biased and full of crap."

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