Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calling all developers: Win a promo code for iKLOC!

iMerlion is working with local developer Mugunth Kumar to give away promo codes for his Mac app iKLOC. iKLOC is a source code line counter for iPhone and Mac app projects.

Apart from just counting lines, iKLOC will also parse your project and export the localisable strings in your app.

In addition, it is able to parse comments and can tell you how many lines are just comments.

You can also set iKLOC to ignore a group of files that you've imported from a third party library.

iKLOC costs US$4.99 on the Apple Mac App Store. However, we are giving away a bunch of promo codes to lucky developers.

All you have to do is to send the following tweet:

"Hey @imerlion, can I get an iKLOC promo code?"

We'll pick the winners at random from the tweets that we get between now and 2359 on Thursday, May 12. Do note that this app will only be useful to you if you're a developer of iPhone and Mac apps.

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