Friday, April 1, 2011

Singapore far behind Hong Kong in terms of iPad 2 interest

People in gadget-crazy Singapore may be interested in the iPad 2, but that interest lags behind other countries, at least according to eBay sales data that AppleInsider obtained.

Singapore is in 11th place on the list of countries where eBay sellers are shipping the device to. Leading by a wide margin is the US, with some 65 percent of iPad 2s being re-sold to people in America. Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan occupy the second to fifth place respectively. Malaysia is in 14th position while Thailand comes in at number 18.

According to the data, 137 iPad 2s were sold to buyers in Singapore. In contrast, some 357 devices were sold to people in Hong Kong.

Here's the list from AppleInsider:

(1) US: 7,919
(2) Russia: 500
(3) Canada: 430
(4) Hong Kong: 357
(5) Japan: 353
(6) UK: 341
(7) France: 209
(8) Poland: 191
(9) Saudi Arabia: 165
(10) UAE: 147
(11) Singapore: 137
(12) Brazil: 113
(13) Australia: 110
(14) Malaysia: 70
(15) S. Korea: 62
(16) Belgium: 57
(17) Qatar: 55
(18) Thailand: 53
(19) China: 51

Apple has said that the iPad 2 will be launched this month in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea but no date has been announced yet.

The iPad 2 was available in stores in Singapore within days of the official launch in the US. At Lucky Plaza and Sim Lim Square, it was selling at a mark-up of more than 50 percent, with the 3G version commanding a premium of more than 140 percent.

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