Thursday, April 21, 2011

New app: SG Showtime

Our long national nightmare is over. We finally have a terrific app that delivers local movie times: SG Showtime.

I can't say enough how great this app is. It ticks all the boxes that an app like this needs to have, it does them well and it has nice-to-have features that other apps don't have. Here's a quick summary of its features:

- It's fast. Screening times load very quickly.
- The user interface is well thought out. Looking up screening times is really easy.
- It links to the official trailer.
- It links directly to the relevant online booking page of the cinema chain in question.
- It is location aware so that you see cinemas closest to you. This is in addition to being able to look up cinemas arranged by chain (Shaw, Cathay etc).
- It's easy to use and the information is clearly laid out.
- You can email showtimes from within the app. Very useful for sharing with friends.
- Within Now Playing, turn it sideways and get a Cover Flow like navigation for looking up movies. A nice touch.

It's not perfect. I wish the app would link to Rotten Tomatoes so you could look up reviews. In addition, the tab bar (the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen) is only visible on the home page of the major sections. But quite frankly, this is nit picking. SG Showtime is, by far, the best app of its category. And best of all, it's free.

If you're a movie goer, this is the one app to rule them all.

Download SG Showtime here.

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