Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is April 29 the Singapore launch date for the iPad 2?

Based on information from Apple and some educated guesswork, we believe strongly that the iPad 2 will be launched in Singapore on Friday, April 29.

According to an email today from Apple promoting Apple products as Mother's Day gifts, the iPad 2 will be launched in Singapore towards the end of this month. At the end of a description of the iPad 2 as an ideal Mother's Day gift, the email says: "iPad 2 is slated for an end April launch in Singapore."

Apple has a tendency to launch the iPad 2 on a Friday (the US launch was Friday, March 11 while the international launch was Friday, March 25). If Apple stays true to form, we can expect Apple to launch the iPad 2 in Singapore on a Friday as well. An end April launch suggests either the last or second last Friday of April. However, because April 22 is Good Friday, it would be crass to launch the iPad 2 on a religious holiday. This suggests that date for the launch would be the week after, namely, April 29.

On the other hand, since Good Friday is a public holiday, it would make it possible to have a midnight launch for the iPad as people won't have to work on Friday.

On balance, we vote for April 29. It's certainly much close to "end April" than April 22. But we won't complain if it's launched a week earlier!

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silvestersamonte said...

I heard from an iStudio employee today that the stores will sell them on the official launch date?

tatwei said...

where to queue up in Singapore ya? tampines got ?