Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPad 2s (888GB version) are popular during Qing Ming

The iPad 2 is so popular that even the shops selling paper replicas for Qing Ming can't handle the demand.

Reuters has a story about how shopkeeper Jeffrey Se brought in 300 iPad 2 replicas (888GB) which were snapped up. All he has left in his shop, located outside KL, are the original iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The iPad 2s are not for everyone though. Some people are worried that the older generation may have problems using an iPad 2 so they are sticking to traditional items like shirts and shoes.

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1 comment:

Mark said...

The iPad will have a huge impact on the way the next generation of kids learn and absorb knowledge. It is even a great learning tool for young children and for parents to instill good early learning habits in kids. Lots of inexpensive great apps out there.