Monday, March 14, 2011

Round-up: Earthquake donations via App Store; White iPhone in spring; iPad 2 issues; AnandTech previews; iFixit teardowns

- The US Apple Store is allowing people to donate to the American Red Cross to help with earthquake and tsunami relief. 100 percent of donations will go to the Red Cross. (MacDailyNews)

- Phil Schiller says the white iPhone is coming in spring. (Cult of Mac)

- The iPad 2 launched in the US on Friday to long lines at Apple stores around the country. Thanks to the demand, shipping for online orders has been pushed back to three to four weeks. The AT&T version of the iPad is particularly popular because it uses the GSM network which means it can be resold in many other parts of the world. (Macrumors)

- Some early iPad 2 owners are reporting problems with a light leak around the edges of the screen. (Engadget)

- Some iPad 2 owners are also reporting a yellow tint on the screen similar to the problem reported with the iPhone 4. (Macrumors)

- AnandTech has a detailed preview of the iPad 2 benchmarking its CPU and GPU performance. Theyt use Infinity Blade as a example of what developers can do with the iPad 2's power compared to the original iPad. (AnandTech)

- AnandTech has also dived deep into the GPU and the iPad 2 shows very impressive results compared to the iPad and the Xoom. (AnandTech)

- iFixit has a teardown of the iPad 2. (iFixit)

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