Friday, March 4, 2011

New: WheresApp SG; iShare@Sembawang; Central Singapore; Tax Calc; Car Megamart; Bike Park Where

WheresApp SG (US$1.99) -- Like Whatsapp (hence the name) but with location. This app provides instant messaging cum location detection cum traffic cam viewer. Another brilliant idea by Singtel. Because that's exactly what we need. Yet another instant messaging app.

- iShare@Sembawang (free) -- Use this app to book BBQ pits, void decks, get MP profiles or call the town council quickly.

Your Guide to Central Singapore (free) -- Find out about social assistance schemes and get details about community events.

- Singapore Tax Calculator (free) -- Find out how much you'll owe the taxman.

- Car Megamart (free) -- Get highlights, promotions from Automobile Megamart.

- Bike Park Where (free) -- Tired of trying to find a parking spot for your motorbike? This app can help.

- SG Deals (free) -- Shopping deals around Singapore.

- glo (free) -- Shopping deals around Singapore.

- SMosque (free) -- Locates mosques around you.

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Dominic said...

Similar tax calculators are available for truckers who have to file their HVUT.
irs form 2290

Jade Turner said...

These are great applications. I like the idea of creating a tax calculator. However, any tax concern must be consulted to an experienced accountant or lawyer to prevent discrepancies.

tax relief attorney