Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The iPad 2 now available in Singapore, for a stiff mark-up

The iPad 2 is already on retail shelves in Singapore, mere days after its US launch last Friday. A quick check with shops in Lucky Plaza and Sim Lim Square today found at least 13 places selling the device.

The cheapest price we found for the 16GB WiFi-only iPad 2 was S$1,150, a mark-up of 65 percent compared to buying it in New York City, where the sales tax is 8.875 percent. The cheapest 32GB WiFi-only device was S$1,300, which is 56 percent more than buying it from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

The check also showed that while the WiFi version is readily available, the WiFi + 3G is extremely scarce. We only managed to find one shop selling the WiFi+3G version.

The store, in Lucky Plaza, was offering to sell the 64GB version for S$2,800 and the 32GB version for S$2,500. Since Apple is selling these for US$829 (S$1,058) and US$729 (S$931), this is a mark-up of 143 percent and 146 percent respectively, compared to buying it in NYC. (Of course, this was the shop's opening offer. After bargaining, it would probably be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.)

According to the friendly sales guy, the shop actually sold a 32GB WiFi+3G set to a customer for an eye-popping S$3,900. The customer was willing to pay a significant premium just so he could get it two days after the launch.

So bad news if you want to get your hands on a 3G version of an iPad 2 now. The good news though is that the WiFi version is not hard to find. Many of the shops have the iPad 2 in their display case.

At Lucky Plaza, most places were selling the 16GB version for between S$1,240 and S$1,450. Retailers were asking for S$1,590 and up for the 32GB version.

Over at Sim Lim Square, the 16GB WiFi version is going for between S$1,150 and S$1,390. The 32GB version is being sold for between S$1,300 and S$1,690. (Note that all prices are the retailer's opening price.)

Mustafa Centre currently does not have the iPad 2.

Apple launched the iPad 2 in the US on Mar 11 and will launch the device in selected countries around the world on Mar 25. Apple has not announced when the device will be launched in Singapore. Japan, Australia and New Zealand were the only countries in the Asia Pacific scheduled to get the iPad 2 at the international launch next week. However, Apple has postponed the Japanese launch to focus on recovering from the disaster following the earthquake and tsunami.

Price comparison between Apple's prices and street prices in Singapore

16 GB WiFi version
Apple's price (before sales tax): US$499 (S$637)
Price in Singapore: Between S$1,150 and S$1,450

32GB WiFi version
Apple's price (before sales tax): US$599 (S$765)
Price in Singapore: Between S$1,300 and S$1,800

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Veronica said...

Jimmy, do u know if We buy direct from apple in US, will we get an international warranty?

Majin said...

Hi Veronica. I'm from NYC and recently moved to SG. I can tell for sure that Apple products bought in the US do not have international warranty.

sonva said...

I also want to buy an Ipad and Iphone 4, they are available at everyconner of Simlim, I just wonder about its quality. So many ppl told me that they are just fake one. (until today, Ipad 2 is not officially lanched in Sigapore and run out of stock in Apple Store in Singapore). Does someone have any clue about Ipad n Iphone being sold here please?

K said...


there's a 50:50 chance of it being real and fake~ real because some of them specially went over to the US to purchase them so that they can resell at a huge markup price in SG~ however, due to the reputation of sim lim square for piracy in the past, (and also a few recent cases of consumers being cheated), there is still a stigma whether what they provide is the real deal or not~

sonva said...

Thanks for the reply.

What I really wonder here is that if some of you have a way to check the origin, authenticity of the Iphone 4 and Ipad 2 selling here, which are well printed and packed. I suppose that I have to pay before openning it and have a check ! What if I can see that it's the fake one? Or even worse, what if I can not know that it's the fake one or not?!

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curtis said...

Hi, I want to know whether i can order iPad2 from other apple store like Malaysia. Do they ship to Singapore? Now iPad2 are out of stock all over SG and Online store as well. But not in other countries.

Andrew said...

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