Saturday, February 19, 2011

Round-up: Steve at dinner with Obama; Apple looking to build cheaper iPhone; new Macbooks next week?

- The Whitehouse has posted a photo of Steve Jobs and other tech CEOs at a San Francisco dinner with President Obama. (MacDailyNews)

- Apple isn't looking to build a smaller iPhone, according to the New York Times. Instead, it is trying to build a cheaper iPhone. Why not a smaller iPhone? It wouldn't necessarily be cheaper to build, it would be harder to operate and it would require developers to rewrite their apps. (New York Times)

- Are new Macbooks in the offing? Mac Rumors reports that new Macbooks are expected on Feb 24. If you're planning to get a new Macbook, hang on. (Mac Rumors)

- Apple is planning to open another Apple Store in China, which will be bigger than the existing four. The new store will be in Nanjing Road in Shanghai. (Wall Street Journal)

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