Thursday, February 24, 2011

Round-up: Apple issues Mar 2 media invite; iPad 2.5 rumours; New MB Pros to get Thunderbolt (aka Light Peak)

- Apple has issued media invites for a Mar 2 event to introduce the next generation iPad. The new iPad is widely expected to be thinner, lighter and have a front facing camera. (The Loop)

- Even though the iPad 2 hasn't even been announced yet, rumours are swirling about the one after, which is supposed to have a Retina Display-like screen, double the resolution and new display technology that promises a wider viewing angle and a better reading experience in sunlight. (AppleInsider)

- The specs for the 13" Macbook Pro have leaked out and it will have Light Peak, which Apple is renaming Thunderbolt. (Fscklog via Mac Rumors)

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