Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New app: Better Beauty (for iPad)

Emma Yong as Cyndi Lauper in Better Beauty

Better Beauty is an iPad app aimed at women in Singapore. A beauty guide, this app is impressively put together with nice layout, gorgeous photos and high quality video. I especially liked the do-overs for celebrities like Emma Yong which are accompanied by videos of these celebrities having fun.

Being locally produced, it also has links to local stockists as well, if you're interested in buying a product.

You can download a limited version of the app for free and buy the full version from within the app for US$1.99.

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almeda said...

It seems to be an interesting application but i am looking forward to see other features of it.
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Edmund said...

It's about time we had good solid interactive content instead of souless features. Better Beauty's a great recommendation and you can't beat being Free!

Better said...
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Amos said...

my wife checked it out yesterday. i agree it's something different from a local publisher. would be good to see something for the guys!

cp said...

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