Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Movie apps now allow you to buy tickets too

Two recent apps make it easy to find for movie buffs to find a movie to watch in Singapore.

Showtimezz (Singapore) is a new app that links directly to YouTube. Tap on a movie and you get sent to the YouTube page with all the trailers for that movie.

The app also links directly to the online booking page of the various cinema chains and thus allows you to buy tickets from within the app. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work very well for Cathay Cinemas at the moment.

Update: The developer has fixed this and the page is now working.

Showtimezz (Singapore) is free. You can download it here.

Singapore Movies is not a new app but it warrants a mention here because for a limited time, the developer is linking to the online booking page of the cinema chain. Unlike Showtimezz though, this requires you to leave the app to go into Safari.

While this sounds clunky compared to Showtimezz, in practice, it actually appears to be better. For example, you can actually book tickets via Cathay's online booking system through Safari. Attempting to book Cathay tickets through Showtimezz, on the other hand, shows an error.

(Note: With the fix, this is no longer a problem.)

The link to online booking will work until the end of the month. If you if find this indispensable, there is a paid version of the app that has it. The paid version, Singapore Movie Plus has no ads, a cinemas tab and a days tab to make it easier to find a movie to watch.

Singapore Movies is free. You can download it here. Singapore Movies Plus is available for US$1.99.

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Ivan said...

Hi imerlion, this is Ivan from Showtimezz. Firstly, thanks for the review and pointing out the cathay booking issue. I wish to inform you that Showtimezz have fixed the cathay booking issue. Kindly update this article. Thanks again.

worldsapart7 said...

sgmovies is a really good app... no affliation here but ur previous review does it injustice