Monday, February 21, 2011

Manufacturers are starting to make accessories for iPhone 5?

Box of the product

It's not clear how much credence to give this but at least on iPhone accessory maker has begun producing a dock that it claims is iPhone 5-compatible.

E-commerce website DealExtreme is selling a docking station with audio out for just US$5.30 that they say "works with iPhone 4/5".

The full description goes:

- Color: White
- Elegant and compact with anti-slip bottom surface
- 2 in 1 feature: charge your iPhone and sync data at the same time
- Also can be connected with audio cable to play music via sound box
- Works with iPhone 4/5

Of course this could merely be the result of an over-enthusiastic (or extremely hopeful/savvy) manufacturer rather than someone in the know.

Here are more photos of the dock:

Front view of the dock

Back view of the dock

(Thanks to Thye Chean for the tip-off!)

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