Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iOS market share in Singapore is world's highest

According to Net Market Share, iOS use in Singapore leads the world. Some 9.98 percent of Internet browsing in Singapore comes from iOS devices. This is followed by the island of Guernsey (6.33 percent), Hong Kong (6.01 percent) and Australia (5.61 percent).  In the US, iOS market share  is 3.4 percent while in the UK, it is 5.14 percent. Globally, iOS has 2.06 percent of total market share.

Here are the iOS numbers for neighbouring countries:

Brunei - 4.83 percent
Japan - 3.82 percent
Cambodia - 3.2 percent
Laos - 2.63 percent
New Zealand - 2.45 percent
S. Korea - 2.44 percent
Thailand - 2.06 percent
China - 1.97 percent
Malaysia - 1.65 percent
Taiwan - 1.13 percent
Indonesia - 0.81 percent
Vietnam - 0.75 percent
Philippines - 0.68 percent
Sri Lanka - 0.45 percent
Pakistan - 0.33 percent
India - 0.25 percent

Apparently, a lot of people in Laos got an iPad for Christmas because iOS penetration there is higher than in Malaysia.

Net Market Share also puts iOS market share in the Asia Pacific as 4.03 percent.

Click here to see the full report.

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Sgx Nifty said...

Oh is IOS world's highest market share ?

sgx nifty

Alen J said...

Wow, things have so much changed ! Even though android had a big deal for many developing countries. I love my iphone !DTDC Tracking