Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You must download/update WeatherLah app

Let's face it, we don't update our apps regularly because we have too many apps. Currently, I have 99 apps that I haven't bothered to update and probably never will.

However, the latest update to WeatherLah is one update you don't want to miss.

WeatherLah has a bunch of new features but one in particular stands out - cloudcasting, ie, a crowd sourced weather report.

The previous version of this app gave the forecast as predicted by the National Environment Agency. Note however that this is only a prediction.

The new version of this app does one better, it tells you whether a particular region is actually experiencing rain.

How do they do this? By relying on users to report the weather where they are. Users essentially vote to say if it is raining or not. By harnessing the reports from multiple people, you can get a real-time weather report.

As a result, this app now doesn't just give a weather forecast, it delivers a real-time weather report too, very useful for knowing what the actual weather is like at different parts of Singapore.

Apart from cloudcasting, the app also has improved its interface subtly and introduced a croaking frog to announce that it's raining where you are (the frog is hidden though so you might have trouble finding it).

Amazingly, the developers of this app have done something I didn't think was possible: they took a great app and made it even better.

Everyone who has WeatherLah needs to upgrade their app. The more people who use this app, the more useful it will be to everyone. And if you haven't already downloaded this app, what are you waiting for?

WeatherLah is free. You can download it here.


hengcheong said...

Another option is to bookmark this page on your iPhone: (Almost-real-tme map of rain locations in Singapore)

Roy Chang said...

wow... u do like this app alot ! been reading you posting Weather lah for few weeks now :O

Jimmy Yap said...

@hengcheong thanks for the link to NEA's map. I'll have a look at it.

@roy chang I do love this app. Given our current weather, what's not to love? 8-)