Friday, January 21, 2011

SPH AsiaOne app needs much more work

Hot on the heels of RSS reader NewsApp Singapore is SPH AsiaOne, an RSS reader for the news stories that can be found on the AsiaOne website.

However, unlike NewsApp Singapore, SPH AsiaOne by Lotus Partners is eminently missable. It sports a hard-to-use interface, an incomplete database and a colour scheme that actually hurts your eyes.

Give this one a miss. If you don't believe me, you can download it here. The app is free.

(Thanks to Victor for the heads-up!)

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1 comment:

AsiaOne said...

Dear iMerlion & readers,

Thank you for the heads-up
unfortunately this App is not created by the SPH AsiaOne team & is an unauthorised usage of our content.
We have served notice to the developers.
We suggest you do not download this app.

AsiaOne Editor
Adrian Tay