Thursday, January 6, 2011

Round-up: Next gen iPhone and iPad sightings; Mac App Store on Thur

- Global Parts Direct had a video of what appears to be parts of the Verizon iPhone or the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, the video appears to be have been pulled from YouTube but at least one photo is still available on the Boy Genius Report. (BGR)

- SmartPhone Medic has bunch of photos about a similar product. (SmartPhone Medic)

- Engadget has found a mock-up of the iPad 2 accompanying Dexim's iPad 2 cases at CES. The iPad 2 mock-up is slimmer with a repositioned home button. (Engadget)

- Report: The Mac App Store will launch on Thursday at 12pm, ET. (The Loop)

- Apple is restricting vacations for retail employees from the last week of January, suggesting that new products are on the horizon. (AppleInsider)

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