Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newsapp Singapore is a fast RSS reader for Singapore newspapers

Newapp Singapore usefully combines Singapore's main newspapers in one application. The app is an RSS reader that combines the feeds for Zaobao, Channelnews Asia, Today, the Straits Times and the Business Times.

It presents news in tiles that you swipe leftwards in order to see more headlines. Tap on the headline and you will see the first two paragraphs with a Read More link that brings you to the original story.

When you're in a story, you can also swipe to see the next story, which is a nice touch.

The app will also allow you to share interesting stories via Twitter, Facebook and email.

What's nice about this app is its speed; going from story to story is very fast. However, be warned that the news can be hard to read because it uses white text on black.

The app is currently free. You can download it here.

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tiger4™ said...

This is a great app. One news app to rule them all. :P

Jimmy Yap said...

Definitely a cool idea. Let's hope they improve it!