Monday, January 10, 2011

iPhone 4 unavailable in SG and HK online Apple Store

If you want to buy an iPhone 4 from Apple in Singapore or Hong Kong, you're out of luck. The iPhone 4 is currently not available for sale in the Singapore and Hong Kong online Apple Store.

If you go to either the Singapore or Hong Kong site, you will see that below "Estimated ship", it says "Currently unavailable." The option to select it is also absent. However, in both stores, you can still buy the  3GS straight from Apple. In contrast to Singapore and Hong Kong, the iPhone 4 is still available in the US online Apple Store.

We have heard from a reliable source that this is temporary. If you are interested in buying an iPhone 4 from Apple directly, keep checking your respective online store; it should be available again. Our source was unable to say when stocks would become available again though. If you are in a hurry, the iPhone is available from carriers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Carriers in both Hong Kong and Singapore are selling the iPhone 4, but buying them will involve signing up for a dataplan. If you do not wish to be handcuffed to your carrier, you'll have to wait for Apple to start stocking them again.

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Jon said...

last dec. (xmas season) t'was 1 week delivery, after the new year, 2 weeks delivery, then 2 weeks into 2011, it goes out of stock!!

should have bought it earlier =( cant afford to be tied up with a plan.. any idea how soon they can replenish stocks in apple store?


Jau said...

I lent my iPhone 3Gs to my sis and she lost it, then I lost my iPhone 4. Was gonna wait till I get my bonus to replace. Now iPhone 4 is UNAVAILABLE! Maybe it's fated that I waited for iPhone 5.

Meanwhile 19 days since I used an iPhone and I'm still alive. Maybe it's a time for abstinence.

Gautam said...

Today is March 13th... Any idea when it will be available?

asadliv said...
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