Friday, December 24, 2010

WeatherLah has Easter Egg. Find it and win an iPod Nano!

BuUuk, the developers behind WeatherLah, have hidden a secret feature inside their excellent iPhone weather app. If you find it, you get to win an iPod Nano. All you have to do is find the feature, take a screenshot of it and send a tweet to your followers.

The first person to find the Easter Egg and tweet about it with the screenshot will win a 16GB iPod Nano. The next four people will win a Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

To qualify to win, the tweet needs to have the following text:

"I just found the cool hidden feature in WeatherLah. Download it for your iPhone #sgweather #buuuk"

(Note: To take a screenshot, hold down the power button and home button simultaneously.)

Good luck!

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jj~ said...

does twitter count as a hidden feature?

Melvyn said...
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