Monday, December 20, 2010

Update: Skyfire available in Singapore; AMOLED supply issues; untethered jailbreak for 4.2.1; Apple eyes navigation

- If you need access to Flash video on your iPhone, here is the answer. Sort of. Skyfire is now available in the Singapore App Store. However, it doesn't work on all Flash video sites yet. (iTunes)

- Supply issues prevent AMOLED screens from being used in the next generation iPad according to a commentary by DigiTimes. (DigiTimes)

- Untethered jailbreak for 4.2.1 still on track for release before Christmas. (Redmond Pie)

- Apple is hiring navigation software experts. (AppleInsider)

- Delicious still on the Yahoo menu. A post on the Delicious blog says Yahoo is not shutting it down. Instead it is "exploring options" and "talking to companies" about Delicious. (Delicious)

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