Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update: Malaysians love the iPad, iPhone ties with RIM for US market share, new iPad TV ad

- Hundreds queued up to buy iPads in Malaysia yesterday, following the official launch of the device. They include a lecturer who laughed hysterically on unwrapping her box and a man who checked himself out of hospital early. (The Star)

- The iPhone is now essentially tied with Blackberry for market share in the US, according to Neilsen. The iPhone has 27.9 percent, while Blackberry 27.4 percent. Among existing smartphone owners, iOS is seen as the most desirable platform with 35 percent saying they are likely to upgrade to iOS compared to 28 percent for Android. The iPhone also leads among women while Android leads among men. (Nielsen)

- Apple has a new ad for iPad - iPad is amazing. (YouTube)

- The latest iOS update for the iPhone supports Network Controlled Fast Dormancy technology by Nokia Siemens that will minimise network congestion and will improve battery life. (Nokia Siemens)

- RIM has overtaken iOS in terms of web usage in the US, according to a survey by StatCounter. (AppleInsider)

- JPMorgan Chase is giving its investment bankers iPads. Surely investment bankers can afford to buy their own? (Bloomberg)

- Glenn Fleishman has a nice piece looking at future Mac connectivity options like USB 3.0 and Light Peak. (Macworld)

- Steve Jobs has a higher approval rate than Steve Ballmer among Apple and Microsoft employees respectively. (Business Insider)

- Want to use AirPrint? Here's a list of printers that will work with AirPrint (Business Insider)

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