Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update: iPad 2 shipping date?, Mobile Me will get better soon, Apple overtakes Nokia in Oz

- Report: iPad 2 will ship by end Feb 2011 (DigiTimes)

- Jobs: Mobile Me will get better next year. (MacRumors)

- Apple has overtaken Nokia in the smartphone category in Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald)

- When you include the iPad, Apple is number 1 in the US and number 3 worldwide in terms of mobile PCs shipments. (Display Search)

- RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis talks about Playbook. Demonstrates how not to do an interview. Engadget live blog has the trainwreck. (Engadget)

Chrome OS has been delayed. It was supposed to be out this year but has been pushed back to the first half of next year. (Google)

Microsoft refuses to release sales numbers for Windows Phone 7. Says it may take up to two years to catch up with Apple and Android. See Engadget's live blog (Engadget)

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Sanju said...

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