Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HoSay! app is all kinds of win. Singlish fun for the whole family.

HoSay ah! This is an app I've been waiting for a long time. HoSay! is an app that tells you how to pronounce Singlish phrases and tells you what the phrases mean as well.

The app features cute animated characters, clearly recorded sounds, good voice acting, and an array of phrases divided into different categories such as gambling, football and insults. (Fortunately, the insults are all PG-rated like "never see before", "go fly kite" and "swa koo".) This is definitely no "half-past-six" app.

Nokomai, the people behind this app, clearly had fun making it. You can tell because many of phrases are said with relish (some of my favourites are "vomit blood" and "bo bian lei").

Hopefully, this fun and occasionally useful app will be beefed up with more phrases in future. But even with just the phrases they have, I'm "happy like bird".

HoSay! is free. You can download it here.

(note: Download the app if you need to understand any phrases you don't recognize!)

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