Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congrats to WeatherLah winners!

Congrats to the following people who took part in the WeatherLah competition! You've won great swag!

@melvyn (Melvyn Tay) - wins the 16GB iPod Nano
@quekth (Kelvin Quek) - Nike Sport Kit
@ceciliajoven (Cecilia Joven) - Nike Sport Kit
@vp2008 (Soh Peng Kwan) - Nike Sport Kit
@ryanlry - Nike Sport Kit

These were the first five people to find the feature that the developers of Weatherlah had cunningly hidden in the app.

WeatherLah is a free app by local developers buUuk that helps you decide whether you need an umbrella when you go out. You can download it here.


mixuer said...

so what's the easter egg??

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