Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skyfire browser promises Flash video for iOS

A new iOS app called Skyfire promises to deliver Flash to iOS devices by converting videos encoded in Flash to HTML5, according to a CNN Money story.

The app is due to be launched on Thursday and will cost US$2.99.

The browser has been available for the Android platform for some months now and has been relatively well received.

Currently, about half the videos on the web are already in HTML5 format which means that they are already accessible to iOS devices. If Skyfire works as advertised, it will mean that all videos on the web will be accessible on the iPhone or iPad.

Skyfire works because when you select a video to watch, Skyfire's servers download that video, convert it to HTML5 format and send it to your device. It remains to be seen whether Skyfire's servers can handle the demand from millions of iOS users.

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1 comment:

norteklaser said...

Do we know if it's going to be usable in Singapore? There's actually existing browsers like that already in existence, like Cloudbrowse, but that's only assessible in US and Canada...