Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Round-up: iOS 4.3 in Dec, Apple poaches from RIM, Foxconn in Chengdu, 4.2.1 is jailbreakable

- Rumour: iOS 4.3 will come out in mid-December, according to MacRumors and MacStories. (MacRumors)

- Apple has hired sales people from RIM to help the iPhone make inroads into the enterprise. (Wall Street Journal)

- DigiTimes reports that Foxconn has opened new iPad production lines in Chengdu that will eventually allow it to produce 40 million iPads a year in Chengdu. (MacRumors)

- Jailbreakers rejoice. The iPhone Dev Team says iOS 4.2.1 is jailbreakable. Check their blog for full details. (iPhone Dev-Team)

- AirPrint will be enhanced, if an email purportedly from Steve Jobs is to be believed. (MacRumors)

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