Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Round-up: iOS 4.2 rumours, Glassgate, Dr Who and Bluetooth cans

AppleInsider has reported a rumour that Apple will release iOS 4.2 on Friday, and 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 before that. The rumour about iOS 4.2 comes via MacStories, which got it from a source within AT&T.

Another rumour making the rounds is that Apple may delay support for AirPrint via Macs and PCs. This means that AirPrint will only work for AirPrint capable devices, rather than any printer that is shared by a Mac or PC.

Cult of Mac has an exclusive story that Apple has stopped selling slide-on cases (sliders) for the iPhone 4 because of concern that dirt will be trapped in the slider and damage the glass back. Apple is currently testing each case to see if this is a problem, according to the story, which has yet to be confirmed by Apple. I can confirm that you currently can't find a slider case for the iPhone 4 in the Singapore online Apple Store.

The BBC is planning to make the BBC iPlayer available outside the UK. This will enable fans of shows like Dr Who and Top Gear to watch these popular shows without having to bit-torrent them. It hasn't been decided if the shows will carry advertising or if people will be charged for watching. (Check out the Telegraph story.)

9to5Mac reports that Apple bought Wi-Gear, a small company that makes A2DP stereo headphones called iMuffs. There has  been no official word about a sale, but the company no longer operates and one co-founder is now an iOS Bluetooth engineer at Apple.

In anticipation of iOS 4.2, you might be interested in a very thorough walkthrough of the new features. TiPB has a walkthrough for the iPad and the iPhone. I've seen reports that 4.2 makes the iPhone 3G usable again. Hopefully, it will also solve the problem with dropped calls on the 3GS.

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