Friday, November 19, 2010

Round-up: 4.2.1 GM released, Woz retracts and Rage released

- Apple has just released iOS 4.2.1 to developers, even though 4.2 has yet to be released to the public. 4.2.1 address critical bugs with Exchange and audio. (macstories)

- Woz says he was misquoted in an interview in a Dutch newspaper. He tells Engadget: "Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone." He admits saying that Android might get more marketshare but "it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy." (Engadget)

- Id has released Rage, an on-rails shooter with amazing graphics. It is available in SD and HD for US$0.99 and US$1.99 each. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Singapore App Store at this moment. John Carmack of Id is taking part in a forum with gamers at Touch Arcade so drop by if you are a fan.

- You can now edit Google Doc documents on your iPad and iPhone. (MacRumors)

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