Friday, November 12, 2010

New version of SG Toto comes with impressive features

There are a ridiculous number of apps in the App Store that give you Toto results. One of the oldest is SG Toto, which has consistently gotten high ratings. Now that app has received a major update and it is an impressive list of new features. The app now promises:

- results at 6.33pm, when the numbers are drawn
- push notification when all numbers are drawn
- winning ticket information, such as which outlet sold the winning ticket
- 24 years of Toto results
- deeper number analysis (what numbers were not drawn, how frequently a number has been drawn and the ability to search for favourite numbers and when they last came out.

I don't buy Toto but even I am tempted to get this one just for the heck of it.

SG Toto is free but you need to pay US$1.99 to unlock all the features. You can download SG Toto here.

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