Monday, November 8, 2010

New app by HPB tells you how unhealthy your meals are

All this while, I've avoided fried kway teow because I've had it in my head that it is a lethal dish. Well, thanks to a new app, I've now found an even more lethal dish, seafood ee mee. A plate of fried kway teow has 703 kcal and 38 g of fat, which is quite scary. Seafood ee mee, on the other hand, has an astounding 1007 kcal and a staggering 61g of fat. Basically, seafood ee mee should be renamed "the heart attack special".

If you're interested in your health, this is the app to get. HPB DietTracker helps you keep track of what you're eating, and it's tailored for the food and drink you can get in Singapore.

Thanks to the app, I've found that if you have a choice between roti john and roti prata, go for the prata which has 163 kcal compared to the roti john which has a ridiculous 721 kcal (I've now crossed roti john off my diet...)

You can browse through to see how unhealthy your favourite foods are, or you can input your breakfast, lunch and dinner and see just how many calories you're racking up each day.

I only wish that this app had more information. Instead of just having energy and fat, it should also tell us how much sodium, cholesterol and dietary fibre there is in each meal. Hopefully, that will come in version 2.

HPB DietTracker is free. You can download it here.

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