Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DBS releases a disappointing iPad app

DBS Bank has just released an iPad app of sorts. However, instead of letting you do online banking, the DBS iPad app largely acts as a gateway to the bank's online efforts.

Tap to log-in to DBS iBanking and it will close the app, open Safari and take you to the DBS website so that you can do your online banking via your web browser. Tap on DBS Vickers and you are sent to the DBS Vickers website.

What the app does have is the latest forex rates and various calculators. There is an equity financing calculator, a mortage calculator, a savings calculator and a car loan calculator.

The lack of an iPad-specific app to do online banking on online trading is disappointing, though I imagine DBS will argue is that the iPad's display is big enough that you don't actually need a specific app for it, unlike the phone.

You can download the DBS iPad app here.

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Djonni Smith said...

I believe they have misled their bankers. Instead of providing all the steps in the app, they have redirected it to their website. It's not surprising why people turned out very disappointed.

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Madeth said...

Certainly, this is a wrong move for the company. I do hope they figure out how to control the damage done by this faulty app.

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Steven Carlton said...

Businesses are wising up though. They're even taking advantage of the current situation by getting Personal Insurance with good payers. This is a big competition. Nice try with the apps though.

Stew said...

Well it is what it is. A pure marketing genius for mortgage lead to work behind another marketing genius of a platform. What can I say other than it was more than sensational as what it aims to be anyway.