Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CHORDiCA Touch finally available

Joash Chee's new app, CHORDiCA Touch, is now available on the iPhone.

The app is a new musical instrument that uses the interface of a regular mobile phone to allow people to play the melody, harmony, bass or rhythm part of a song. (Watch this video to see a demo of the app playing Silent Night). The app has an auto-rhythm function to fill in music and has a vocal coach to help people learn to use the app.

CHORDiCA Touch is Joash's second musical instrument for the iPhone, the first being CHORDiCA. The main difference between the two is that with CHORDiCA, a musician is able to control both Bass and Harmony while with CHORDiCA Touch, he can only opt to control one of these at a time. CHORDiCA Touch gets around this "downgrade" with an 'auto-play' or 'auto-rhythm' mode, where the instrument will play the other parts automatically.

This means that for live bands, the original CHORDiCA would be a better instrument because musicians would have full, simultaneous control over the Bass and Harmony parts, to mix and match them rather than have it automatically selected and played according to a fixed rhythm pattern.

"Both instruments cater to somewhat different groups," said Joash. "The CHORDiCA Touch has the new "Vocal Coach" mode which tells you what you are tapping. This is obviously meant to aid the visually impaired, but can also be helpful for beginners and even engaging children."

CHORDiCA Touch is available for US$0.99. You can buy it here.

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