Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WhereTo.sg has detailed map, points of interest

Biopolis has a ridiculous naming system for its buildings. Fortunately, WhereTo.sg will help you find the building you need to get to with ease.

Nanyang Polytechnic has built a location-based iPhone app to help you locate things like bus stops, ATMs, supermarkets and post offices.

Called WhereTo.sg, this app uses information from the Singapore Land Authority.

The app uses an unusual interface that is slightly jarring but makes up for it with detailed maps, thanks, no doubt, to the SLA. It even has places on the map that are being built. If you're looking for a specific building within a complex, say Biopolis or NTU, WhereTo.sg can locate it for you.

Nanyang Poly is also allowing iPhone developers to access the base-map APIs just by registering. Simply email maps@whereto.sg

WhereTo.sg is free. You can download it here.

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